Engineer’s business trip to Japan!-Nov. 2019

Hello, I am a web engineer and visited Japan as my business trip on Nov. 2019.
It was the fifth time that I visited Japan.
I’m so proud to myself that I had the chance to stay in Japan, and experienced many things like cultures, manners, people, environment, and foods.
Those are valuable points that I have learnt and practice to improve company, members and myself.

Living in Japan is not difficult if you could read Japanese.
Everywhere in the city have instructions texts or symbols that tell you to follow or guide. Japanese people strictly follow those rules, so that’s why they don’t have any problems, or zero risk.
If we compare to Cambodia, we have many things to learn from Japan.

Everytime I look at the street traffic in Japan, I feel like those cars are driven by robots.
Because all cars are driven inside street lane, and follow traffic lights very carefully.

Even eating new ramen disk, there is an instruction to tell you how to eat the new style of fish soup ramen.

I appreciate Japanese that are highly responsible, and reliable.
Photo above is taken during lunch time eating sushi.
He was following up customer’s sale report while customer is doing sale promotion on TV.

Japanese people also believe the gods in nature life.
There are some Shinto shrines in the cities with coin boxes.
I saw people walk in, stand in front of the shrine to pray, dropped the coins and bowed 2 times. It was similar to Cambodia, but here we do it very often.

It’s a joyful time whenever I go to Japan, people are kind, helpful and positive.
That’s why Japan is strong and keep moving forward.
I will do the same to my people and my family, and make company and Cambodia country growing up gradually.

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